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EDM (Electronic Document Management) for managing documents, records and the business processes. It is at the heart of ECM (Enterprise Content Management) which also incorporates archiving documents, dematerialization (scanning), the Web Content Management, ...

While every employee of the company spends an average of 4 hours per week searching for documents or information and that nearly 75% of decision makers believe that the organization of the holdings of the company only partially meets their needs, the GED is a real area for improvement and a source of growth for the company.


Is informationsecure? Is it available now? Does EDM system replies to legal constraints on my industry? Are employees focused on their business and on value-added tasks? Is my business in line with the objectives given by my quality service? Have makers useful information to make the right choices?

So many questions especially the ECM and EDM provide answers. Depending on the degree of maturity of the business, it can be the establishment of a GED, its optimization or the introduction of complementary solutions to the GED.


Establishment of a GED

For companies that have not yet implemented EDM solution, the issues are:

  • Information security
  • Provision of immediate way information
  • Formalization and automation of business processes
  • Decreased research time
  • Instant knowledge of the status of files
  • BPM guaranteeing traceability, control and reconciliations documentaries
  • Improved service
  • Further optimization and solutions

For companies that are already equipped with a solution of GED, the issues are related to optimization, compliance or interaction with other solutions:

  • Process optimization (Business Process Management - BPM), the data retention time (life cycle of documents) and their availability
  • A compliance vis-à-vis new regulations
  • An introduction of complementary solutions such as:
  • A feed of the GED through a document dematerialisation solution with intelligent indexing (RAD, LAD, OCR, ...)
  • A presentation of information across an enterprise portal (Intranet / Extranet - CMS)
  • Interaction with decision-making tools for obtaining indicators related data (documents, folders, workflows
  • Interaction with collaborative tools for creating documents before a spill of aboutis documents or GED in force.


Our services

KULUSYS will accompany in the process of the implementation of the EDM, depending on your needs and your maturity. A proven methodology and a team of business consultants, functional and technical experts enable the development of innovative solutions tailored to high added value for your users. Whatever the size of your business, KULUSYS will adapt its approach and offer a line with your needs from a range of ECM solutions and EDM solution favoring security, reliability and scalability of the systems.


The types of missions carried out by ASI are:

  • Advice missions and functional support.
  • Writing specifications specifications and framing.
  • Help in choosing tools.
  • Project implementation missions GED and dematerialization.
  • Overall project implementation.
  • POC.
  • POT.
  • Pilot production.
  • Characters in missions technical.
  • Audit & Performance
  • Technological and technical recommendations
  • Upgrade software