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Professional Training

Training news

Professional Days with high added value, the Kulusys news formations are animated by the best specialists of the moment. High-level experts, diverse and complementary backgrounds, to treat news on strategic, societal issues or technical issues.
These days allow to strengthen its technical mastery of the subject and to update their knowledge. They promote the confrontation of viewpoints and exchanges with professionals sharing the same concerns.


Training Catalog

Expertise + pedagogy on generally short formats of 1 or 2 days.
Training are handle by high skills professionnal, who help developping a solid foundation in a new field, new skills in job or prepare to take on new functions.
The limited number of participants (3-15 people) encourages interactivity and allows each participant to find answers to their personal expectations. It also allows the deployment of active teaching methods that promote the implementation of learning.


Customized training

Whether it is tailor a training module catalog or build an ad hoc program, the approach "customized" takes into account the specificities and background of the company.
Kulusys brings its expertise and experience in program design, optimum formation of the groups and the choice of teaching methods.
Kulusys provides stakeholders with a double competence of expert practitioner and trainer.


Diploma-certified training

To better meet your needs for skills development, Kulusys offers a Specialized Master (MS) and Certified Title in partnership with the grandes écoles.
In order to transfer best practices in regulatory compliance, we selected a panel of speakers all professionals in their field of competence and chosen for their pedagogical approach adapted to professionals.
The organization of alternating programs can share harmoniously work and continuing education.