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You want your return to investment, reduce maintenance costs, simplify administration of your equipment or optimize your untapped resources . A solution: virtualization
Virtualization is to centralize and operate multiple virtual machines on a physical machine.

KULUSYS and offers 2 types of virtualization:

  • Virtualizing your servers
  • Virtualizing your desktops

Server virtualization

You have several servers used below their capacity. Each server has a distinct function and consumes as much energy as if it were used in full employment.
KULUSYS offers virtualization solutions that allow in this case to optimize the use of your servers by creating multiple virtual servers and reducing the number of physical servers.
In other words it comes to group multiple servers underemployed (separate functions) on a single physical machine running virtual systems. Virtualization allows a better distribution of costs between your equipment.


The benefits of server virtualization

  • Consolidation and optimization of the use of servers. Several server functions on a single physical server.
  • Simplifying installation, deployment and migration of virtual servers on physical equipment
  • Reduced equipment costs: power consumption, maintenance, administration, floor area.
  • Network security: data centralized, controlled access, redundancy.
  • User Management


Virtualizing desktops

When a company has a large number of workstations, their management and maintenance can be cumbersome and expensive. Indeed for each position it is necessary to manage the operating system and software, installation, their updates and their formatting, and this in addition to their physical maintenance. In addition each user is totally dependent on their workstation since all his work stored there. It therefore can not access it only from its position. Positions that need to be replaced sooner or later to meet the needs of performance of their users.
The virtualization solution workstations proposed KULUSYS meets all these issues. It allows to create virtual desktops that run at a server. The physical machine is thus used independently and allows access to an isolated remote environment of its host operating system.
Virtualizing desktops uses software to create a virtual system that emulates a physical computer: VDI or thin client.
Residing on the server, the work environment has the power needed to run its applications, and the user can be satisfied with a much less powerful hardware. This infrastructure allows, among other things access to enterprise applications and whatever the devices (PC, Tablet, Smartphone ...)


Virtualization enables:

  • Simplified administration and remote
  • IT costs and reduced maintenance.
  • Secure and controlled access (applications, databases)
  • Data and protected and centralized work environments
  • The performance of virtual desktop
  • The mobility of the workstation access available from any workstation
  • Energy savings