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Backup Systems

Your company processes daily hundreds or thousands of data and information. These constitute the memory of your company from its inception. The loss or compromise would create many consequences that would jeopardize your entire organization.
In the case of disaster, catastrophe hacking or theft, recovering these strategic data can be vital to business continuity.

To overcome these unforeseen problems, KULUSYS offers backup solutions to meet your needs and your workload that enable data protection and recovery. In addition to the equipment and software provided, KULUSYS offers its expertise to offer real custom backup strategies.

To provide you the best solution, we consider a number of criteria: data volume, number of users, budget, work organization, type of environment. These tests determine among other things, speed, ease of use and administration, the type of backup (automatic or not), the level of security.

Backup solutions (software and equipment) proposed by KULUSYS:

  • Digital Safe Box: fireproof safe data protection, waterproof, anti-theft and shockproof to withstand all types of disasters
  • Continuous data protection CDP: automatic backup solution data and their changes on servers or data center or disaster recovery site (disaster recovery)
  • Backup to Disk
  • Tape Backup
  • Robots or auto loaders