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Your data, and your software management information system are constantly at risk. With the Internet, your business is part of an open network that exposes it to attacks and threats that could jeopardize all its gains and result in substantial financial losses.
The computer and network security and is a vital component of the proper functioning of your infrastructure and your business. To protect your business from attacks, viruses, security breaches, and all types of malware, KULUSYS offers efficient security solutions.
Antivirus solutions to identify, neutralize and remove any software or malicious code on the network and on individual workstations.

UTM (Unified Threat Management) and antiviral Gateway: This is network firewall with additional security features. In addition to software, these solutions are equipped with a housing allowing a sharper and granular filter threats.
VPN solutions: connection, communication and data of your employees or your remote sites on the Internet via encrypted tunnels and secure sessions. This solution provides authentication of the interlocutors as well as data confidentiality by encrypting them