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Unified Communications

All the activity of your business, whatever the hierarchical level requires communication. Whenever a communication problem  occurs,your whole structure maybe affected. Unified communication is a set of solutions for integrating communication tools available to the company's information system. These environments allow your company to simplify and optimize communication within your teams, customers and partners.

They thus allow to consolidate, centralize and unify the fixed and mobile communications, fax, video telephony, video conferencing, e-mail and instant messaging, collaborative work with shared documents, and software and applications work.
To maximize your returns and efficiency, KULUSY offers powerful unified communications solutions and user-friendly, including market leaders:

  • IP Telephony: This solution allows you to communicate by voice over an IP-enabled network; Phones are interconnected for optimal management functionality and cost per user. IP telephony can improve communication within your company. A reliable solution to help reduce the costs of telephone communications.
  • Messaging: professional-mail clients with complete functionality and security of your data.
  • Collaborative work: solutions that allow you to keep the link with your colleagues and partners: instant messaging, video conferencing, meetings, agendas. A platform that allows you to securely communicate and work remotely