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Web and Software


We design and develop custom computer applications. Just imagine the perfect software, which does exactly just what you need according to your specific business needs.

Software Engineering Services

  • Advice and assistance to the formalization of functional specifications
  • Design quality user interface: simple, friendly and intuitive
  • Application architecture, data model design
  • Development of computer programs (programming)
  • Tests and refinements by iterative cycles, according to the agile methods
  • Documentation and user training
  • Application maintenance, development of software according to specific needs


Customized Solutions

  • Custom database design
  • VBA Programming and MS Access databases
  • Development of specific web applications
  • Creating custom mobile applications
  • Databases MySQL / PostgreSQL and PHP programming
  • Open Source Solutions


Custom software for Windows, Mac, iPad, Android, etc.
Microsoft .NET / VBA / MS Access


Web application:

The Web is our specialty since 2001. You have the ideas, we have the means to turn them into real success. Yes, we can build anything you can imagine.

Web Services

  • Creating powerful websites
  • Websites with content management system (CMS)
  • Solutions e-commerce and secure online payments
  • Development of specific web applications
  • Creating custom mobile applications

Web Technologies

AJAX / JavaScript / Frameworks jQuery, ExtJS, etc.
PHP / MVC Frameworks: CakePHP, Symfony, CodeIgniter
MySQL / PostgreSQL / XML