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Enterprise Networks

The performance of your infrastructure and your information system directly depend on your network. This is the main link that connects all the components of your organization and that makes possible the communication and circulation of data, documents, images, video or voice within and outside your company.

KULUSYS puts its expertise at your service to implement your network. The latter must be in line with your needs and the size of your business. Moreover consulting and technical expertise, we also provide all equipment necessary for setting up your business network: routers, swichs, passive cabling, software solutions.

To ensure your company's performance and provide you with services tailored to your business, KULUSYS proposes setting up your networks:


  • LAN - Local Area Network: Win in speed and performance by creating your own local network. This solution allows employees to share their data via a server and communicate them with ease (peer to peer). Ideal for small structures located in one geographical site, the LAN allows for significant time gains including the exchange of documents and work files but also save money because it allows the sharing of peripherals (printer, scanner ...) and software (management solution, messaging).
  • WAN - Wide Area Network: Connect your office and your subsidiaries across a WAN. The WAN is a network that covers a large geographic area and banishing borders and allows to interconnect two or more remote sites even located 2 opposite points on the globe. Suitable for large structures (banks, multinationals ...) WAN is to interconnect the LAN of each geographical location (headquarters, local branches, foreign subsidiaries) through a point-to-point link or the circuit switched or packet switching.
  • MPLS 3G